Manicures and pedicures, gel nails and nail extensions
Our manicures and pedicures, as well as our nail treatments are all indulgent treatments as far as we are concerned.  Think of our treatments as facials for your hands and feet.  Having you feel special and pampered is our goal.  The fact that we are nail experts and offer the latest non toxic selection of gel polish, gel extensions and organic skin care for your hands and nails, is beside the point.
Express or Deluxe, to remove old acrylic and redo with healthy gel overlays, we are here for you.

Deluxe spa manicure $75.00 60 mins
Deluxe spa pedicure $85.00 60 mins
Express manicure $45.00 30 mins
Express pedicure $55.00 30 mins
Full gel polish $65.00 45 mins
Full set overlay  $95.00 60 mins
Full set backfill $70.00 45 mins
Full set extensions $110.00 75 mins
Add on gel polish $10.00 15 mins
Add on nail art- per nail $5.00 30 mins
Removal $15.00 15 mins


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