Cosmetic Tattoo

Cosmetic tattoos using microblade techniques refresh your eyebrows, to either fill in gaps, add more colour and thickness, or recreate your lost eyebrows.
The equipment and pigments used are specially designed to give a natural enhancement of the facial features; eyebrows and eye lining.  The most recent trend in eyebrows is the feather stroke brow or 3D brows.  This is imitating individual hairs and is the most realistic, most natural looking brow you can have.   Your eyebrow tattoo does not need to look thick and black!  Rejuv specialises in giving each client the eyebrow that suits them, it's not one size fits all.   Eyebrow tattoos can look so natural its tempting to want to pluck them!  Great for the active person, they don't come off at the gym or the beach, plus you spend less time getting your face ready in the mornings!

It is always recommended that you have 2 treatments initially, 8 weeks apart to obtain the most long-lasting results.

Permanency will depend on various factors, including the colour of pigment used, areas treated and the clients' natural response. Most areas last on average around 4-6 years.

Results you can see

The below before and after photographs are of real patients from our clinics, and have not been altered in any way. Individual results may vary.


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