Dermaplaning leaves you with the smoothest healthiest looking skin
Dermaplaning is an exfoliating facial treatment - although can be done on any body area - that removes the 'peach fuzz' commonly seen on the face.   We use a specialised blade with feather stroke techniques across the skin, that exfoliates dead surface cells leaving a smoother, brighter appearance.  In our treatment we follow this procedure with a deeply hydrating mask, your skin will be glowing.   This facial also allows for better penetration of your home care products, which means better effectiveness from the active ingredients.
There is no downtime and if you really need to you can put your makeup on straight away although we do recommend leaving it for at least a few hours.  When you do apply your makeup it will look amazing and stay looking that way for so much longer than before you had a dermaplaning facial.

Will the hair on my face grow back thicker or darker?!   Absolultely not!   The only thing that makes hair grow darker or thicker is stimulation to the base of the hair follicle.  This can include medication (via the blood feeding the hair and follicle) hormones and pulling out the hair - waxing, threading or tweezing (in certain areas of the face this is a risk but not always the case).

Can I combine dermaplaning with other treatments?  Absolultely yes!  As dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment we can use it to prepare your skin for more advanced treatments such as dermal needling, peels, IPL skin rejuvenation.   Or we can use it as part of a luxury facial which includes gorgeous massage.  The products we use in all facial treatments will 'soak in' so much more effectively after a dermaplaning treatment. 

Dermaplaning is a treatment that exfoliates the surface of the skin removing the 'peach fuzz' or vellus hair we all have on our skin.   This is a truly amazing treatment, recommended for ALL SKIN TYPES.  It smoothes your skin, speeding up the skins cellular turnover, meaning you will be renewing your skin faster.   If you feel you are needing to use richer and richer moisturisers then most likely you have a buildup of dead surface cells that need to be removed.  These act like a concrete barrier, products just cant get through this very well.  There is no downtime, only brighter more hydrated smoother skin.    It only takes 45 minutes to 1 hour for your skin to look flawless.


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