Spa Express

Designed for the busy mum on the go and the working girl
Spa Express is unique to Rejuv.  We have designed a range of treatments to fit into your lunctime or for when you really dont have time for the full experience, but still want the therapeutic benefits of our skin treatments.  These treatments take less time and are excellent value.
All facials include a double full cleanse, the treatment you have chosen, and skin care products including serum, moisturiser and sun screen.   No short cuts there.
Our Spa Express range give you instant benefit with little to no downtime, so you can go straight back to the office.   No one will have any idea where you have been!

Quick Fix - 30 minute Microhydrabrasion facial for a deep clean and hydration all in one.  Smoother, plumper and super clean skin that feels amazing.

Escape - 30 minutes of back, neck and shoulder massage using hot oil to relax your mind and body.

Booster - 45 minutes.  This is the classic feeding facial incorporating serum infusion and collagen stimulation.  The ultimate collagen booster when time is limited. 

Soothe - 30 minutes.  LED are light emitting diodes that work wonders to heal, soothe and kill bacteria.  Ideal if you are experiencing a break out with that dinner date looming.  

Lift - 30 minutes of our non surgical facelift.  Designed for the eyes and jowels, this gives you an instant lift in 30 mins. 


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