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Covid 19 update;   Due to the clinic operating in close proximity to our clients, we are required to adhere to the guidelines set out for us if we want to remain open, as we are now in the orange framework. This means Rejuv will require all clients to be fully vaccinated.  We will continue to wear masks and clean the treatment room in between every client, as everyone's health is our priority - aswell as great skin ofcourse!   We hope you understand our decision and we hope to see you soon.   Kindest regards Heather 

why is it important tochoose skin & laser treatments wisely?
The difference in results can be staggering, getting your treatment right is so important in making sure your treatment leaves you looking and feeling great, as well as being safe for your skin.   Trust in our 30 years experience.
Everybody reacts differently to treatments.
You are an individual that is why all our treatments are carefully planned based on your needs and lifestyle so you achieve your best outcome.
The way a treatment is applied can make a huge difference to your results.
With over 30 years in the industry we know how skins respond to different treatments.   We use both Laser and IPL and we can guide you as to which is going to be best for you. 
We use the best FDA approved, medically certified Laser for hair removal.
You dont need to put up with that nasty painfull IPL treatment any more. At Rejuv the whole process is so fast and really is painless. Prices start from $42.00.

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“Heather & the team at Rejuv have been so nice to deal with, the approach they take just made total sense to me.”

Tracy, Tauranga
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wondering what treatment is right for you?

Because we know how important the right treatment is, we offer a free consultation with expert therapists.

Our specialists will give you the benefit of their experience and prescribe the best treatment for your needs.