Redness treatment

Intense pulsed light IPL, is a light based treatment proven to provide a solution to various skin conditions on the face and other areas of the body commonly the arms, chest area and hands

No need to be red faced

Redness treatments using IPL are fantastic for 'rosy cheeks', individual capillaries, redness on the chest area (commonly seen as a result of wearing t-shirts over the years).  The IPL light targets the oxy-hemoglobin, red pigment found in the blood cell (capillaries, red veins, rosacea, redness).

The light energy converts to heat energy and it is this heat that cauterizes the tiny capillary wall, without overheating the surrounding skin. The capillaries are then absorbed, with the individual capillary either going completely with one treatment, or redness reducing over the next few days.  For stronger vessels such as on the nose and fine spider veins on the legs we use Formatks Nd YAG laser which has a stronger energy and can target and treat these vessels.  

Often 2 - 6 treatments for facial redness/ blood vessels with leg vessels possibly requiring a few more treatments. There is no scabbing or down time following these treatments.

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