We have facials for many reasons, a total indulgence or correcting a skin condition. Facials can reverse skin aging, lighten and remove pigmentation or to clear and heal acne. What ever your concern we can help.

We have a wide range of facial treatments at Rejuv

We have been in this industry for over 40 years and in that time we have seen treatments claim miracles. We trial all of our treatments and research them all before we apply anything to your skin. Our therapists are passionate about skin, and know what works. Using FDA approved techniques and ingredients that work to achieve a healthier skin we will mix and match totally to your skin type and concern. There is no such thing as one size fits all. If you need a facial we have not listed, we will create it for you!

Our current treatment price list

Here is our current price list for our current facials

Facial treatments

Purifying Facial

This is a wonderful deep pore skincare cleanse that we are all longing for!

Our Purifying Facial includes a microhydrabrasion peel for cleansing pores and extractions. Enjoy a unique charcoal mask customised to your skin type and we will target the P. acnes bacteria that cause those nasty pustules and infections with LED Light Therapy.

This is the perfect treatment if you are suffering with breakouts on your face, it is especially ideal for ‘maskne’ (mask acne)! This is also an ideal treatment for – ‘back acne’

Per 60 minute treatment  

Power Peel Series

Transform your face with the ultimate resurfacing skin treatment over three relaxing treatments.

The Power Peel Series is a multi-step process that combines a microhydrabrasion to hydrate your skin and prepare it for the luscious Medik8 fruit acid peel to exfoliate, brighten and recharge your skin. We will apply a stunning marine algae hydrajelly mask (it sounds a bit nasty but it is amazing for your skin full of marine vitamins and minerals) that is specially selected for your skin type.

This will deeply hydrate your skin and provide a dose of nutrients for a flawless complexion. Please note that the Power Peel Series needs to be conducted three times within a six week period. Unfortunately it cannot be booked as a single service; therefore a minimum booking of three sessions is required to benefit from the full effects of this treatment.

Include Dermal Needling or LED Light Therapy (at an extra cost) to your treatments for exceptional results. 60 minute treatment - Dermal Needling - $300 | 60 minute treatment - LED LightTherapy - $300

Per 60 minute treatment  
3 x 60 minute treatments total

Rejuv Regenerating Facial  

Take advantage of the latest in non invasive skin technology.

We love this transformative treatment. The Rejuv Regenerating Facial combines the latest in ultrasound skin tightening from Ulfit. This treatment reaches a much deeper layer of the dermis (compared to others) and it results in maximum collagen remodelling.  After Ulfit we will apply Dermal Needling to improve your skin tone, texture, pore size and tightness while visibly reducing scarring.  Your skin will then absorb maximum penetration of Medik8’s vitamin rich gels and serums that will nourish your skin and boost your collagen production.

The Rejuv Regenerating Facial is non-invasive process and it is the most effective treatment for an instant lift. Your skin will become more youthful, radiant and resilient.

Do you see why we love this facial? By regularly using high-tech tools such as Microneedling, Ultrasound and LED our valued clients receive an immediate lift where their skin brightens and continues to firm over time. The Rejuv Regenerating Facial is a firm favourite with our clients.

120 minute treatment  

Party Facial

Need an instant lift for a special event? Try an easy and quick non-surgical facelift.

The Party Facial incorporates innovative and effective anti-aging technologies. We start with a liquid exfoliation packed full of nutrients made from fruit acids such as mango and papaya to create soft and smooth skin.  Microcurrents remove puffiness from your complexion and provide an instant lift that is perfect for any special occasion.  Then a superb collagen mask is applied to further infuse your skin with vital nutrients and deeply hydrates.Finally LED Light Therapy will complete this comprehensive treatment by increasing cellular metabolism, circulation and oxygenation and provide anti-inflammatory benefits. Turn heads at your next event with healthy, glowing and youthful skin from a Party Facial.

Why wait for a special occasion? If you want to treat yourself with this stunning facial regularly then discuss your skincare requirements with our highly trained skin therapists to unlock your perfect skincare programme.

60 minute treatment  

Feeding Facial

Nano needles are the latest skincare technology that we use in the Feeding Facial. This is a relaxing, yet stimulating way to allow maximum penetration of essential nutrients into your skin. By including LED Light Therapy this facial will achieve instant hydration and glowing skin with no recovery time required.

Embrace skincare nutrients and revitalise your face.

Per 75 minute treatment  

Collagen Booster Facial

Microneedling (dermal needling) is a minimally invasive facial that enhances skin tone, improves skin texture and increases the skin’s permeability post-treatment to boost the benefits of your skincare regime. The dermal pen creates millions of microscopic treatment zones in the upper layers of skin that will replace damaged skin with healthy tissue and reveal younger looking skin. Rejuv takes this one step further with our Collagen Booster Facial by adding a specialised hyaluronic skin peptide mask and LED Light Therapy to speed up the skin’s remodelling process, increase oxygenation and boost your skin’s metabolism. The application of a sumptuous mask will then saturate your skin with vitamins and hyaluronic acid (naturally occurring sugar molecule that locks moisture in the skin).

We love discovering the latest technology available to skincare professionals.

75 minute treatment  

Purifying back Ritual

This 'facial for your back' features Microhydrabrasion to exfoliate, cleanse and extract from the pores on your back and shoulders. A customised hydra jelly charcoal mask (a further deep clean) will then be applied to hydrate your back so it is soft and glowing with a noticeably renewed radiance. A Back ‘Facial’, what a superb idea!  

Perfect for summer or whenever you want to pamper other parts of your body.

60 minute treatment  

Red Light Facial

The Red Light Facial is an anti-aging treatment designed for maximum benefit in a minimal period of time. Microdermabrasion unveils your healthy skin and then with targeted LED red light therapy your collagen production will be stimulated. Finally a hyaluronic peptide mask will restore and lock in your skin hydration.

Your radiance returns in a flash.

30 minute treatment  
Add on - treatments

Half hour cleanse

Add the Half Hour Cleanse with the remarkable Medik8 products to your Party Facial or Rejuv Regeneration Facial for a thorough deep clean with extractions. Nothing feels better than clean skin.

30 minute treatment  

Heaven Head Massage

Instantly relax with a Heaven Head Massage. Don’t wait until your next hair appointment for a half-hearted minute’s worth of stimulation on your scalp in the basin! Relish our Heaven Head Massage along with your next facial.  

Many peoples’ scalps often tighten due to stress or other factors so do have a head massage regularly.

20 minute treatment  

Happy Feet Massage

Don’t forget the most overworked part of your body - show some love to your poor feet! Book our Happy Feet Massage alongside your next facial/massage.

Let’s see if you are ticklish!

30 minute treatment  

Peel Add On

If you would like some extra exfoliation the Peel Add On is a customised detox peel that can be applied during your facial.   We only  use Medik8 fruit acids.

Detoxes are here to stay because they’re just so good for you!

15 minute treatment  
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