Pigmentation treatments

Intense pulsed light IPL, is a light-based treatment proven to provide a fast solution to various pigmentation conditions on the face and other areas of the body commonly the arms, chest area and hands.

Sundamage, freckles, and brown marks on the skin

Photo facial, Photorejuvenation and Light therapy are all terms that refer to treatments using IPL for skin rejuvenation.  Light waves are passed through the skin and target specific pigments; melanin in the skin (responsible for age spots, ‘liver spots’, freckles)  The light energy converts to heat energy and it is this heat that damages the pigmented cells, without overheating the surrounding skin.  The heated 'freckles' then form tiny crusts on the skin and fall off in around 7-10 days.  

Your skin will then be smoother, brighter and pigmentation will be greatly reduces or gone.  Often we recommend 1 - 2 treatments anywhere on the body.

Sometimes other types of pigmentation require different treatment. Your first appointment would be a consultation so we can determine which is going to be best for your pigment and skin type.

The results and how does it feel?

Results It can take more than one treatment to get the best result, yet sometimes with the right conditions just one treatment provides an amazing result in the removal of pigmentation.  The number of treatments can range from 1-6, although individual condition and response could reduce the number of treatments needed.  Treatments are performed every 3 – 6 weeks depending on the area.It is important to remember that pigmentation is primarily caused by sun exposure.  Sunblock must be worn every day.  We can not guarantee 100% removal of pigmentation.  Hormonal influences and medications may also increase pigmentation on the skin or be the cause of a slow response to treatment.  Maintenance treatments may be needed.

Sensation There is usually redness in the area treated immediately after treatment.  This often only lasts a few hours.  Pigmentation will darken over several days and then just flake off.  Do not pick them or try to rub these darkened areas off.  The treatment feels like hot flicks of a rubber band.  It is normal for the skin to feel mildly sunburnt after treatment.  This takes a few hours at most to get back to normal.  It is important at this stage not to overheat the skin for 24 hours with hot baths, spa baths or saunas.  Alcohol and coffee (stimulants) may also make the treated area feel hotter.  It is highly recommended to not use any AHA or Retin A type products on the area until it has fully healed.

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