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Rejuv Skin & Laser Clinic has over 22 years experience in skin treatments and with internationally gained safety standards and practices using IPL and Lasers for permanent hair reduction and skin conditions, you are in safe hands. Rejuv offers you a very high level of professional service that focuses on achieving results, in a private, relaxed and tastefully renovated space.
You will be treated by qualified and highly experienced therapists who are interested in your time with us. We focus on advanced skin results, specialising in professional IPL and Laser treatments for permanent hair removal, pigmentation and vascular removal, stretch mark reduction, wrinkle reduction with dermal needling, tattoo removal, skin peels, microhyrabrasion for deep cleaning and exfoliating as well as cosmetic tattoos for eyebrows and eyeliner.  We also offer traditional beauty therapy treatments.  All of your treatments will not be rushed and you will be assured your therapist is at your level so they understand your particular needs.

The latest treatment available only in our Tauranga clinic includes the only FDA and NZ Medsafe approved dermal rollering medical device for wrinkle and fine lines, stretchmark improvement, scar revision and collagen stimulation - Dermaroller.

Another First

Microhydrabrasion is another first in the Bay of Plenty and only available at Rejuv Skin & Laser Clinic. This treatment is superior to other microdermabrasion treatments that are available, as it does not use abrasive crystals and gives a better exfoliation. Combined with the deep clean you get as water gently flushes out your pores, your skin has to be seen and felt to be believed. Your skin looks fresh, clean and plumped. There is absolutely no downtime, no redness and just super smooth skin afterwards. A fantastic gentle wake up for your skin.

Hair Re Growth Treatment is the latest treatment that offers very exciting results for our clients, both men and women.  Using a combination of the dermatologist formulated product Revivogen and the Dermaroller we are seeing real results in Androgenic Alopecia.  Hair is becomes strengthened, shedding is reduced, hair follicles are nourished and hair growth is renewed. 

Heather Thompson

The director of Rejuv Skin & Laser Clinic is Heather Thompson.  Heather has been in the Beauty Therapy industry for over 33 years and has over 30 years experience using many IPL and laser machines, for both hair and skin treatments. 

Along with IPL Heather has had 33 years facial skin experience using practically everything that has come out on the market in that time!  Having worked in Medispas and specialised laser clinics Heather has tried the 'latest and greatest' products and treatments.  This experience has allowed Heather to put together a series of treatments that she has trialed and tested and knows delivers results.  A big part of what Heather believes is in achieving results.

"It's not about just putting up with your skin and maintaining it, you can change it,"

which sounds like it would take a while, but you will be surprised.  With the right treatment, change can happen in one 45 minute treatment! We see it all the time!

As well as the clinic Heather's experience and passion for IPL technology have seen her open the IPL and Laser Training Academy so her knowledge may be passed on to students allowing for a higher standard of education and skill within the beauty therapy industry.


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