Microhydrabrasion makes aggressive Microdermabrasion treatments a thing of the past!
Microdydrabrasion is an all in one deep cleansing and exfoliating facial treatment that combines diamonds, water and aloe vera for a soothing approach to smooth, clear skin. 

Daily use of sunblock, makeup and moisturisers can clog your skin, so too can cigarette smoke and general pollution from outside! Twice daily cleansing and regular exfoliation will definitely keep your skin topically cleaned, but what about deep inside the pores and follicles?  If your skin was completely flat it would be fine to just scrub it ... but its not.  Your skin has pores and follicles that need to be regularly cleaned.  Dirty blocked skin is characterized by blackheads, congestion, bumps and blemishes. 
Microhydrabrasion is a treatment that exfoliates the surface of the skin and simultaneously deep cleans the skin too.  This is a truly soothing treatment, recommended for ALL SKIN TYPES.  It hydrates dehydrated and dry skins, removing that dead build up of skin cells, it deep cleans and flushes out oily skin helping prevent the use of strong astringent drying products, flaky and dull skin get an instant wow effect to the look of their skin.  And if you wear makeup, you will find the treatment gives your skin the best base for makeup.  Nothing else will clean out the INSIDE of your skin.  It only takes 45 minutes for your skin to look flawless.


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