Peel Treatments

Peels are used to exfoliate the skin for a smoother, softer feel, as well as the removal of skin imperfections.
The term 'chemical peel' can sometimes be off-putting. Various types of peels exist based on how deeply they are required to penetrate the skin.  Side effects are controllable depending on the peel used and can be anything from looking immediately brighter and more hydrated to flaking, to a full shedding of the stratum corneum.  There are peels for all skin types, including sensitive and dark skins.  We can even match the type of peel ingredient to combat particular skin concerns.  Let's look at a few of the levels of peels we have available.
Enzyme treatments
These are the shallowest (most superficial) of peels that generally have no downtime.  This treatment is designed to get skin used to exfoliation before we move into deeper peel treatments. The treatment is used to gently dissolve dead skin. The skin is left hydrated with a feeling of firmness. This treatment can expose the client’s skin to a few actives like papaya and pineapple for a few minutes. Can be performed once, or as a series or ongoing.
Resurfacer treatments
These are the AHA's and BHA's; Pumpkin, Glycolic, Mango, lactic, Salicylic acids.
Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA): Are used to penetrate deeper into the skin than enzyme peels to work deep between the skin cells.  As well as being exfoliants they also have other properties such as antioxidant and hydrating.  
The resurfacing treatments deliver more of an immediate improvement in the skin compared with the enzyme treatments with minimal downtime. Sometimes only a 1 week of slightly flaky skin.  It is amazing how much stronger and healthier your skin will become with the use of these ingredients.  
We even have a resurfacing treatment specifically designed to be used around the eyes.  
Chemical peels
These are the treatments that we think of as 'peels'.  They are reasonably deep and there is downtime associated such as full peeling which really only last about a week or so.
Using deeper peels, we can achieve a faster smoother skin, targeting pigmentation and scarring.  You will build up to this treatment by working through the enzyme and resurfacer treatments.

Using home care such as products from the Medik8 Vitamin A range, you will get see faster and more long lasting results.


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