Ulfit - skin tightening

The worlds # 1 skin tightening and body contouring treatment
Ulfit is the optimum, non invasive ultrasound technology that lifts and tightens your skin for a youthful complexion and reduces body fat for a slimmer contour.  Delivering 2 ground breaking technologies; micro focused ultrasound and macro focused circular ultrasound, the Ulfit treatment provides customized and focused energy to stimulate your skins own collagen and fibroblast activity to deliver a more rejuvenated firmer, plumper skin. We can target skin laxity, wrinkles and loose sagging skin as well as the smaller pockets of fat anywhere on the body.  
To maximize clients results, Ulfit can reach 3 different skin depths for the most effective skin tightening.  The contouring treatment goes deeper into the fatty layer to dramatically improve areas such as double chin, inner thighs and backs of upper arms.

Ulfit delivers impressive results immediately even after the first treatment, with ongoing improvement for the next 90 days.
Each treatment is non invasive, with no downtime and is a relaxing comfortable experience. One treatment gives excellent results but up to two or three treatments may be needed in some cases.

Your treatment depends on your concern, as not everyone ages the same way.  You might like to have a full face and neck treatment down to just an eye lift treatment.   
As each treatment is customised for our clients concerns, treatments can start from $299.00.    

Results you can see

The below before and after photographs are of realclients, and have not been altered in any way. Individual results may vary.
 INTRODUCTORY PRICES limited time only       Face and skin tightening  
Full face including neck $1250.00 90 mins
Eye area - crows feet, lifting brows, forehead $299.00 30 mins
Jowels, cheek area $450.00 45 mins
Double chin, jaw line $450.00 45 mins
Neck  $450.00 30 mins
Decolletage $450.00 45 mins
Wrinkly knees

Skin Glow Hollywood facial

60 mins

60 mins
                  Body contouring  
Back of upper arms $650.00 60 mins
Post baby belly  $950.00 60 mins
Inner thighs $450.00 60 mins
Back fat, bra area $450.00 60 mins


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